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Anniston Museum is a not-for-profit organization. Donations are an important source of funding to enable the Museum to continue serving the public and to present activities and programs.

Ongoing operating costs include garden & grounds preservation, live animal feeding & care, exhibit halls care, collections conservation, programming materials, utilities, ongoing building maintenance and enhancement, as well as employing a skilled, professional staff to continue the mission of enhancing public knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of flora & fauna and their environments.

Your donation will help, regardless of the amount. You may designate an area for its use, or allow us to use it where it is most needed. If it is in honor (during someone’s lifetime) or in memory (after someone’s lifetime), we will happily notify the honoree or the family of the one memorialized if you will provide their names & mailing address. No donation amount is disclosed.

We will be good stewards of your contribution … and we thank you for it.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Your company is needed to support myriad projects

Printed materials, all professionally designed:

Newsletter sponsorship: a bi-monthly digest of activities, calendar, photos, volunteer recognition, scholarly nature articles, more. Mailed to members, donors, special recipients. Print 2,000-2,500 copies. Available for one issue – or a series of issues.

A variety of professionally designed brochures, rack cards, fliers and small items

Project Sponsorship:

Black Heritage Festival: Alabama’s longest-running celebration of Black History Month, celebrated each February.

Garden & Home Tour: Spring’s first project, touting houses and grounds of the area, followed by a garden-side picnic

Homes for the Holiday Tour: A December salute to the decorating and holiday traditions of families in Calhoun County, Alabama

Member receptions and events: underwrite a large or small gathering for members or general public.

Bricks & Mortar:

Ongoing physical needs of Museum grounds and building include a vast array of projects. Past ones have included a conservatory, executive suite, gourmet kitchen, live animal building


Gifts that insure the future of Anniston Museum can come in many forms: in-the-moment gifts, planned gifts such as insurance or annuities, a codicil in one’s last will & testament, and others which may provide the donor with a tax advantage. Your attorney, accountant or financial planner can provide information about what type of donation is best for you. Anniston Museum has the financial need if you have the desire to provide for it.


Contact Museum Assistant Director David Ford at 256-237-6261 or e-mail

Support Live Animals with a monetary gift:

Feathered friends, furry critters, and scaly slitherers help school children & Museum visitors to learn and respect our animal friends. Live animals are taken into schools. Donate to ongoing costs of food & care is a way to show you support this effort. Choose to salute your favorite animal lover with a donation in their honor, if you wish!

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